Dog Cooling Coat

  • £16.00

Dog cooling coats are the ideal way to help to keep your dog cooler in the hot summer days.


S = Back 28cm, Chest 40-50cm, Neck 29cm

M = Back 32cm, Chest 50-62cm, Neck 34cm

L = Back 39cm, Chest 58-72cm, Neck 39cm

XL = Back 43cm, Chest 68-82cm, Neck 44cm

XXL = Back 54cm, Chest 74-90cm, Neck 54cm

XXL = Back 60cm, Chest 88-106cm, Neck 65cm


1. Submerge in cold water

2. Wring out

3. Fit the dog cooling coat onto your dog and your good to go

4. For a lower starting temperature point simply place in a waterproof bag once wet and place in the fridge for a few minutes.

Adjustable side straps for a comfortable fit. 

Harness vent

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